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mattress 90 Lumnis Active

Lumnis Active

mattress 90
Product code: L07-MAS_LUMNIS_ACTIVE-90X200
Available colors: Mattresses

Lumnis Active

Lumnis Active
mattress equipment
25 years warranty
product advantages
25 years warranty 7 hardness zones coconut reversible mattress a laundry cover multipocket springs hardness increased
Product characteristics:
Length: 200 cm
Width: 90 cm
Height: 22 cm
Length of the sleeping surface : 200 cm
Width of the sleeping surface: 90 cm
Warranty: 25 lat 
Degree of hardness: H4-bardzo twardy 
Waga: 21 kg
Special features of the furniture:
• The contribution of mattress springs constitute "MULTIPOCKET" with a high degree of hardness. Their location in separate pockets provides high flexibility point of the mattress and ensures proper support of the body.
• 7 zones hardness to ensure an ergonomic fit the mattress to the shape of our body.
• Double-sided mattress encased elastic polyurethane foam with a certificate of hygiene.
• Bilateral hardening layer of natural coconut.
• Case Active washable warm up to max. 60 degrees. On the sides of 3D tape which improves the ventilation of the interior of the mattress.
• The hardness of the mattress: high.
• Available widths: 90, 140, 160, 180 cm.
• Mattress thickness: approx. 22 cm.

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