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kettle Roma


Product code: THK-044848
Product characteristics:
Capacitance: 800ml 
Cloth: porcelana 
Waga: 0.972 kg
Numerous assets of porcelain kettles

Kettles made of porcelain are an absolute must for all those who appreciate unique design combined with high functionality. They can be a very decorative and modern solution in every kitchen. They will be ideal for chilly days to instantly prepare your favourite hot beverage. They will, undoubtedly, meet all the requirements of anyone who loves tea and coffee. The kettle is also a perfect gift for your close friend or colleague.Porcelain kettle - originality and practicality in oneThe Roma kettle is made of high quality Fine Bone China porcelain. It distinguishes itself with its large, handy handle and the ability to boil water instantly. A great asset is the fact that it has all the advantages of a standard electric kettle as well as an effective look. It is a piece of sophisticated decoration in itself that will enhance every interior, making it remarkable. The product is made of porcelain clay, finished with a highly attractive shade of warm white. Its pattern is very delicate yet sophisticated, placed on a pearl, light background. The form of the kettle is classical and elegant, adding extra charm to every kitchen. Another advantage is the fact that it can be washed in a dishwasher. Moreover, many other high quality items in this series are also available. The Roma kettle, combined with the Roma cup collection, will form a unique tableware embellishment.

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