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jar Aromi


Product code: THK-052256
Product characteristics:
Length: 5 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height: 9 cm
Capacitance: 120ml 
Material: szkło 
Waga: 0.2 kg
Spices under control – a small jar

Kitchen is a special place in each house, a centre of family gatherings, shared breakfasts, the place where tasty meals are prepared. It is sometimes hard to keep this room clean, which is why a small spice jar can be a great solution to help systematise the culinary additions. Made of glass, with a well-fixed, tight jar cap, it protects the spices and maintains their intense aroma for a long time. Its elegant appearance allows you to easily put it on the work surface, which makes it particularly useful when cooking. The convenient design of the jar makes it easy to dose spices without making dishes or the packaging dirty.

Dried herbs, aromatic spices, the kitchen of your dreams

A small spice jar is a perfect addition when designing the kitchen of your dreams. Whether the design is rustic or the interior is more modern, a small glass jar is universal enough to match any room. Colourful containers with spices set one next to another look great on the work surface, adding a familiar and unique character to the kitchen. This addition can also be used to decorate a summer table, containing dried flowers, aromatic herbs or seashells gathered on a beach. Such small jars will definitely enrapture everyone with their appearance.

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