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New products at good prices in the latest catalogue of upholstered furniture


New products at good prices in the latest catalogue of upholstered furniture

It's hard to imagine a living room without a comfortable sofa, a recreational set or a corner sofa. Functional upholstered furniture is also perfectly suited for other domestic areas, such as the dining room or the bedroom. Dzięki nowemu katalogowi mebli tapicerowanych Family Line 2015/2016 od Black Red White z łatwością można wybrać najlepszą opcję do własnego mieszkania!
The Black Red White propositions for comfortable relax at home are based on current trends and knowledge of the needs of future users. In the latest catalogue you will find a variety of convertible sofas, youth and 3-person sofas, as well as corner sofas, recreational sets and upholstered beds. The wealth of styles, colours and functions will facilitate decoration of any home space
Modern Black Red White convertible sofas are furniture designed with small spaces in mind, they can be turned into sleepers and are equipped with bedding containers. They are a perfect choice for the living room, guest room or child’s room. Youth sofas are a universal solution for a comfortable night's sleep for a youngster and a teenager, while the wide range of 3-person sofas will make the afternoon rest enjoyable. Picking a corner set can easily save space, through making away with a number of other furniture. However, if you have more space to arrange, you can choose from a variety of comfortable recreational sets. In the Black Red White catalogue you can also find a range of upholstered beds which make you want to rest just by the look of them.
Black Red White creates upholstered furniture aimed at user comfort. Various designs, a wide range of fabrics and colours, as well as modern amenities and features are the distinguishing features of upholstered Black Red White furniture.


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