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felt pads 10 pieces

felt pads 10 pieces

Product code: THK-050888
Product characteristics:
Length: 4,4 cm
Width: 2 cm
Material: filc 
Waga: 0.01 kg
Felt pads - protection for your floors.

Protection is necessary if you want your floors to look lovely for a long time. Cleaning floors is not enough, you should also protect it against scratches. The felt pads we are offering are a perfect solution for this kind of problem. For any piece of furniture. A chair, armchair, stool or even a sofa can be moved around the room from time to time. Moving them on the floor causes noise and it also wears and tears the floor faster. By using our felt pads you'll protect your floor against scratches when moving your furniture or pulling back a chair or stool. How do we use them? Just stick a pad under each leg of a table, chair, stool or other piece of furniture. It's easy and, due to quality glue, they won't come off quickly. Felt is a very soft fabric. Moving a piece of furniture fitted with our pads won't scratch your floors. Cheap, practical and highly recommended. They are available in various colours and sizes. Fitting all the legs of your furniture with these pads protects your floor against scratches, no matter what they are made of. Another asset is the reduction in noise while moving the furniture. Felt pads allow to move any kind of furniture quietly. They're worth using, see for yourself.

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