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felt pads

felt pads

Product code: THK-050905
Product characteristics:
Length: 12 cm
Width: 26 cm
Material: filc 
Waga: 0.02 kg
Universal table mat

The neutral, dark brown colour of the mat will look great on every table, regardless of the colours of kitchen decor - it will perfectly highlight the great minimalism of colours, give balance to very bright, pastel or, on the contrary - intense and flashy colours. Brown is also an inconspicuous colour, which ensures that the table mat may perform its protective function unobtrusively. Felt greatly harmonizes both with wood, stone, glass and with modern, artificial materials. Therefore, the mat is so perfectly suitable for every kitchen. Simplicity and functionality. Felt mat is designed for self-cutting the desired shape, which allows you to customize it to any required aesthetics and functionality. Once you cut the desired shape, the felt does not fray and does not change its shape, so also does not require edging. It can be cut with ordinary kitchen scissors. That makes the mat preparation extremely simple. Felt mat for each role. Due to easy matching the needs, it may serve as a large mat to protect the table during various kitchen works and it may be cut into several smaller mats for cups of coffee, tea or other hot beverages. Made of felt, not only it guarantees a softness pleasant to touch but also protects both the table surface and the dishes placed on it from scratching. Due to the fact that the felt is a good heat insulator, it protects, on one hand, the surfaces against the negative effects of contact with hot dishes and on the other hand - hot food from losing its heat through the dish bottom.

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