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duvet plus ecrue Viking


duvet plus ecrue
Product code: THK-053842
Product characteristics:
Length: 200 cm
Width: 220 cm
Filling material: 100% poliester Hollow 
Filling weight: 1650g 
Plating material: 100% mikrofibra 
Type of quilt: zimowa 
Waga: 2.85 kg
A duvet is necessary in each bedroom

Can you imagine sleeping without the duvet? Even during warmer nights, which are rare in our climate, it is difficult to sleep without a cover. Other nations, such as the Italians, use ordinary, thin sheet in the summer. But even they have in their closets at least one duvet for cold nights. Viking plus is a unique duvet, the advantage of which is not only that it gives you a lot of warm at night. This variant is designed for people prone to allergies. In addition, it maintains a constant body temperature, so that the human body can rest under optimal conditions. This is a medical product, clinically approved, recommended by doctors. It can be washed in a washing machine at 60C. It consists of 100% polyester microfiber. It is filled with 100% Hollow silicone polyester.

Viking plus duvet - needed in each bed

Duvet is the thing that people buy immediately after buying a bed. You can find at least one, warmer duvet for winter period in each house. You can choose any kind of duvet covers and pillow cases. It is large enough for two people. It is also suitable for hotels, hostels or motels. It is also suitable for inns or nursing homes. It will be difficult for some people to leave their nice and warm duvet-covered bed. Sleeping will be even more enjoyable than before.

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