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dinnerware set, 42 pcs Roma


dinnerware set, 42 pcs
Product code: THK-044837
Product characteristics:
Material: porcelain 
Waga: 25 kg
A Roma dinner set – a classic decoration of the table.

A Roma dinner set is made of the best, high-quality porcelain which joins a huge durability and natural beauty. In this case a simplicity is an additional advantage. The traditional shapes, without additional ornamental elements allow to adjust it perfectly to the arrangement of the table and an interior design of the dining room. A universal, unusually elegant shade of the ivory emphasises an artistry and carefulness of manufacturing. Every detail is perfectly elaborated. A delicate pearl colour excellently contrasts with a tablecloth in the darker colours. A product is made by a reliable Polish manufacturer which distinguishes with the best manufacturing quality. The stylish dinning set for the everyday dinner. This dinnerware includes an elegant set even for up to 12 persons. It includes, among others, 12 dinner and deep plates, a sauce boat or a dessert plate. The dinnerware will fulfil its task while serving a dinner and desserts. It is perfect both for an everyday usage, and for ceremonial suppers and parties for a larger group of people. The dishes can be washed directly with running water and in a dishwasher. In order to retain a glossy glow and not to damage a delicate texture of the product, dishes can be wiped with a soft cloth. A Roma dinnerware will serve for a long time.

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