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Product code: THK-053198
Product characteristics:
Length: 240 cm
Width: 140 cm
Cloth: 100% poliester 
Weight: 78g/m2 
Way of suspension: kółka 
Waga: 0.3 kg
Functionality and comfort

The veil, curtain, draperies or curtain are excellent to secure a discretion in various situations, prevent separate room or even part thereof, from the eyes of strangers, but also a great way to decorate the interior. The Pegasus veil from our offer has undeniable decorative value but it can provide a great protection for window or other element, and at the same surely will enjoy your eyes and adorn the interior.Interesting decorative elementThe grommet veil that we offer is very comfortable to use. You can move it easily so unveiling or covering the window or another part of the house or apartment is easy as well as removing for washing. It does not require much effort as is the case of traditional curtains fastened with curtain clips, which need quite a lot of time to pushed onto the curtain rod and what is laboriously, and many people do not like to do that. This is not the last advantage of the offered product. Also noteworthy is its beautiful grey colour that does not fade under sunlight or change over time, due to washing for example. It is a guaranteed by high quality fabric. Another important feature is sound workmanship. It is perfectly tailored and sewn. It is obvious at first glance, that it is a high-class product, so its worth keeping it at home.

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