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coffee and tea set 39 pieces Roma


coffee and tea set 39 pieces
Product code: THK-044838
Product characteristics:
Material: porcelana 
Waga: 9.386 kg
Coffee in a perfect setting

Both coffee, and tea have huge number of followers. These drinks are ideally suitable for celebrating life and everyday moments. The exquisite porcelain certainly adds charm to meetings over coffee or tea. Roma is a noteworthy coffee set. The deep, dark brown colour of this drink presents beautifully in a snow-white cup. The Roma set has classic appearance, giving an impression of being incredibly light and delicate. It suits people interested in minimalism and stylish trinkets. This set for twelve people is wonderfully helpful at a family party. The discreet design in which it is decorated makes it original and distinguishable from other elegant sets.

Joy of life with excellent tea

Roma is also an excellent tea set. The porcelain the set is made from is of top quality, which means it is perfect for such occasions as weddings or anniversaries. Its charm certainly emphasises appropriately chosen table decorations - a stylish tablecloth or candle light. Snow-white cups, jug, plates and milk pitcher make the set amazingly exquisite. It has been proved a long time ago that tea tastes best drunk from a thin porcelain cup. It seems that the Polish manufacturer of the Roma set is well aware of this... Roma is an ideal set to enjoy life and the taste of our favourite drinks.

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