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bowl Verso


Product code: THK-054298
Product characteristics:
Length: 14 cm
Width: 14 cm
Cloth: porcelana 
Waga: 0.246 kg
Practical dishes are not the only form of kitchen decoration...

In the kitchen, more than anywhere else, versatile and ingenious dishes that are easy to use are especially useful. They help to arrange the space and serve food more aesthetically in the same way as the verso small bowl. The subtly shaped small bowl can be used for measuring ingredients, displaying snacks in an attractive way, or just - for eating cereal with milk in the morning. Beautiful, durable, uncommon - it is a sophisticated addition to your tableware

Stylish design

Modern design. Snow-white porcelain, minimalistic design, simple form - the bowl perfectly suits modern trends in design. As a decorative addition, it suits many rooms since the classic dishes match anything perfectly. It suits the taste of those who like doing experiments in table arrangements and pays attention to durability and aesthetics of the tableware. Easy to clean, durable, manufactured from high quality materials, and first of all unpretentiously beautiful. The verso bowl is an example of how versatile design and its reliability suit a lot of situations.

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