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bowl Roma


Product code: THK-044842
Product characteristics:
Diameter : 17 cm
Material: porcelana 
Waga: 0.296 kg
A Roma salad bowl – a classic at its loveliest.

A Roma salad bowl is an unusually attractive product which can be used both in the kitchen where it will be practically used, and in the living room as a decorative element. It will in both cases look beautiful since it is elegant and made of the highest quality porcelain. It features a streamlined, round and universal shape. So, it can be perceived as a classic of the art genre since for ages salad bowls have been first of all spherical. First and foremost strikes a pattern. Even at the first glance it arises aesthetic feelings. A beautiful design is a reflection of the class of the product. The porcelain salad bowl magnetises not only by its shape, but also by its colours. Essentially they are like slightly foggy. To sum up, it is white, but in reality off-white and simultaneously warm and cosy. The entire stuff is combined with pearl glow and a unique background.

A Roma salad bowl – a classic simplicity and enchantment

On one hand a salad bowl is characterised by moderation, and on the other it is undoubted that its simple forms adds to it a unique charm. It is not only stylish, but also beautiful and wonderfully ornamented. One decorative element is absolutely enough to make from it a charming item worth not only interest, but also admiration. If there were more of them, a porcelain salad bowl would lose its unquestioned charm. Using it for serving a concerned meal may definitely increase a flavour value of the meal since beautiful items cause admiration and bring a lot of nice visual feelings. They may be used both in everyday conditions, and at the occasion of various celebrative meetings with a family, acquaintances and friends.

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