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Product code: THK-052634
Product characteristics:
Diameter : 17 cm
Cloth: porcelana 
Waga: 0.35 kg
Universal, richly decorated bowl for a special occasion

A table decoration plays an important role in preparing an exquisite lunch or dinner. Important is not only the selection of the tablecloth, but also elements of tableware, napkins, and the arrangement of chairs, or even setting the table. Particular attention is drawn to all those vessels full of food, which are put on the table for the guests. Decorative bowl with an unusual colour Planning a salad, one immediately thinks also about the best possible bowl. Very important is its appearance, and this bowl is almost ideal for this to act as a representative, standing in a central location. Warm, slightly muffled white porcelain is reminiscent of antique dishes from the past. This similarity arises also for the not less decorative platinum pattern around it. The presence of gold and platinum make this dish bring credit to any formal event, and also this romantic, intimate. Beautifully presented salad whets the appetites. If you do not know how to encourage the visitors to consumption, the great dishes can do it. This bowl of the Polish manufacturer does not have any weak points. Thanks to the wide edge you can put even larger amount of salad and still have the guarantee that it looks appetizing. The wider edge is also a certainty that scooping the salad will not make the tablecloth dirty. You can also use this element of a bowl to effectively take on the dish around. There is so many ways for the bowl to make the best impression on the people invited to the table.

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