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bouillon bowl

bouillon bowl

Product code: THK-051146
Product characteristics:
Length: 16,3 cm
Width: 14 cm
Height: 6,7 cm
Capacitance: 500 ml 
Material: szkło 
Waga: 0.3 kg
Useful item in your kitchen

There is a cupboard in every kitchen, filled with many accessories for cooking and eating meals. After opening such a cupboard we will see, among other things, cutlery, pots and dishes. There is a set of the series in every household, that allows to give the visitors dinner using one set of tableware. Enrich your tableware. A consommé dish is an interesting addition to the kitchen equipment for every household. What is that? It's a small vessel for serving, for example, borscht with dumplings, fish soup or Easter white borscht. Serving the dishes in that form to the guests will undoubtedly draw their attention and give them a sense of uniqueness. The consommé dish may also be used for more popular soups such as broth or tomato soup. It may also be suitable for serving various kinds of dips or vegetable sauces. It is made of solid glass and thus, its durability is ensured even in difficult conditions. Its great advantage is the possibility of washing it in a dishwasher, which is time saving. Versatility. The consommé dish may be used not only for one purpose. It will serve perfectly as a bowl in which e.g. the sundaes or pudding may be prepared. Its versatility is a great advantage, and taking into account its price, this is a very attractive offer.

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