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acrylic blanket decorative Soft


acrylic blanket decorative
Product code: THK-054129
Product characteristics:
Length: 200 cm
Width: 150 cm
Material: 76% akryl, 24% poliester 
Waga: 1.788 kg
A practical accessory

Everyone wants their home to be not just beautiful, but also cosy. That's why we buy a range of accessories, decorations and ornaments to enhance the style of our interior. Sometimes we're interested in a product that not only looks beautiful, but also serves practical functions. The Soft decorative acrylic blanket is one such product.

Soft, fluffy and pleasant to the touch

The blanket we're offering you has a host of advantages and strong points. Most importantly, it’s made of soft, fluffy acrylic material, which makes it very pleasant to the touch. Covering yourself with it is a pleasure, which is why it's a favourite among both adults and children. This decorative acrylic blanket is very warm and delicate. It's perfect for cold and chilly evenings. Great for wrapping yourself in it and forgetting about the falling snow, or the howling wind outside.

A beautiful and modern design

This Soft acrylic blanket is not only practical for daily use, but also very pretty, which makes it a fine decoration for your interior. Using subdued grey, this pretty blanket is excellent for any room, regardless of the colours. It's aesthetically pleasing and designed with great attention to detail, which makes it a perfect bedspread for your bedroom. It also features piping, which enhances its looks. It's easy to keep the blanket clean, as it can be washed at 40 C.

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